Jonahton Hutchinson


Jonathon Hutchinson is a PhD student in the Creative Industries Faculty at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation ( He is completing his forth year of ethnographic action research on his thesis titled Collaborations, Connections, and Consequences: A study on the effects of cultural intermediation within the ABC. Hutchinson also worked part time as the community manager of ABC Pool ( Both his ethnographic research and community manager role helps him identify the stakeholders involved within ABC online communities, their interests, and how those interests are negotiated. After completing his Bachelor of Communication (Honours) at RMIT, his knowledge is embedded in the media and communication, cultural studies and humanities disciplines, with an interest in the social sciences. He is also interested in user-generated content, social media, online networks, online community management, participatory cultures, design and technology, public service broadcasting and community cultural development.

Hutchinson’s professional practice emerged from audio and video production in both live and studio environments – producing, directing, editing – with a strong focus on post-production. He worked as a video editor at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (ACMI) and numerous independent production houses. With a strong history in community radio, his audio productions have also been broadcast on ABC Radio National.

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