Session Proposal: Mapping Stories

Anyone else interested in digital mapping? I would like to propose a session on mapping historical data. What tools could be used to map stories and narratives, to represent visually the movement of people and things, or to show geographical clusters of particular archives or stories? I can share my limited knowledge of Simile Exhibit and Google Maps, and would be keen to hear from others about the tools they have used in their research (successfully or unsuccessfully!).

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About Susann Liebich

I am a historian with specialist interests in the history of reading and book culture as well as imperial and colonial history. I currently work on a project on Australian and New Zealand magazines in the interwar period, travel and the middlebrow imagination. I am a member of the NZ-Reading Experience Database project team, but would still call myself a keen novice to the field of DH, having only started to use digital mapping technology recently.

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  1. daveearl says:

    There is also a discussion about this on the AHA’s Facebook page (requires membership of the group):

    I’m also very interested in this, and am happy to talk about the successes (and failures) of this ongoing project of mine:

  2. Nicole Cama says:

    Another great resource for this kind of digital mapping is
    Beware though, you can spend hours on it!

  3. Fred Michna says:

    I’ll come.

    I am currently managing a redevelopment of this site:

    It will be to crowdsource content coding and geocoding in social and historical projects with large volumes.

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