Registrations Now Open!

Registrations are now open!

Once you’ve registered, you can propose a session.

We’ve also started populating the rest of the website.

See you in Wollongong. 🙂

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THATCamp Australian Historical Association (OzHA) is coming!

If you’re interested in the possibilities of digital history come along to THATCamp OzHA2013 on Saturday 13 July, immediately following the Australian Historical Association annual conference in Wollongong.

THATCamp OzHA2013 will be a user-generated unconference on the digital humanities. No slideshows, no written papers — THATCamp is a chance for you to ask questions, propose ideas, discuss problems, and learn.

THATCamps are open to all — from complete newbies to hardened coders, anyone interested in exploring the possibilities and problems raised by the application of technology to the humanities is welcome at THATCamp OzHA. And it’s free!

THATCamp OzHA2013 is one of the growing network of THATCamps springing up around the world. For more information on the THATCamp movement see:

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